"It Saves Me Roughly $400 A Month": People Are Sharing The New Frugal Habits That They Actually Really Love "It was way easier and more enjoyable than


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Feb 7, 2024

Being frugal isn't just about cutting down on spending. Reducing waste and appreciating what you already have are also big frugal goals. Recently, u/_josaiahbartlet asked people on Reddit to share the frugal changes they've really enjoyed making in their lives, and people had so much to say. Here are some of the top replies:​

1. "I was extremely skeptical about reusable paper towels, but I was sold the moment I started using them. They are essentially super thin cloths that roll onto a core, just like paper towels. We wash them in our normal loads of colors and roll them back up. We still have normal paper towels for particularly gross things, but we go through a few rolls a year. We have I think 48 reusable ones and we've been using them for a year and a half just fine. The two of us never run out in the time between laundry days."​

2. "I bring every snack, drink, breakfast, and lunch from home every day when I go to work. I work in Downtown Brooklyn, which is about as expensive as Manhattan. It saves me roughly $400 a month!"​


3. "Cutting my own hair. I started during the pandemic because none of the hair salons were open, and I figured if it looked terrible, no one would see it anyway. I tend to prefer simple cuts that are easy to do on myself, and this also cuts out the awkward small talk and all the chemical smells that trigger my asthma. If I decide I want a more complicated hairstyle, I’ll pay a professional, but if all I want is a trim, I can do it myself for free (the hair scissors paid for themselves with the first haircut)."​


4. "I did a no-spend year on clothes. It was way easier and more enjoyable than expected. I made myself 'shop' my own closet and discovered so many cool pieces I’d forgotten about. Other than to replace essential things that get worn out/fall apart, I really don’t need any new clothes. That was a liberating discovery."​

by Megan Liscomb

Senior Editor